Site Visit / Location Scout in Caribbean

Site Visit / Location Scout in Caribbean


A Lead Consultant and assistant will be scheduled to visit potential locations and currently operational facilities to evaluate potential for growth, analyze soil conditions, retrieve data on the operation, and analyze the needs of the site. After the meeting notes on the location, marked site photos and an actionable list of improvements/suggestion based on the clients requests will be sent via e-mail. This service is designed for heavily invested clients who are seeking a location or have secured a location and are looking to improve it. The $850 deposit secures a one time onsite visit for 4 hours between 10am and 4pm EST from Monday to Friday. The appointment will be scheduled within 48 hours of recieving deposit. 

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  • Service Details

    This service is a 4 hour site visit which allows clients to have a potential location scouted without physically being there. Analysis of a currently operational site by 2 professionals with experience developing facilities in the Caribbean allows your plan to improved in real-time.The team of consultants at Sage LLC has dedicated their lives to growing plants and businesses in the tropics, this experience can be very beneficial to startups and entreprenuers newly entering the industry.

  • Refund Policy

    A refund will only be offered if an appointment is cancelled or the service was unable to be rendered. Appointments will be booked within 48 hours under normal operations. Please notify via contact us page if confirmation is not recieved promptly.

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